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Research Team

Our Research Center Team

Meet the backbone of our research institute!

Pipetting Samples

Kim Quiroga

Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

Kim graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Community Health. She began working in clinical research after graduation. She has been a certified clinical research coordinator for over 20 years and has worked in many different therapeutic areas including rheumatology, endocrinology, and cardiology. Kim lives with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs in Murphy, TX.

Pipetting Samples

Idara Ukpong 

Clinical Research Assistant 

Idara is a clinical research and laboratory technician and joined RID in 2023. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences at Georgia State University and Master of Science degree in Microbiology. Before joining Endocrine Associates of Dallas, Idara engaged in research projects focusing on Molecular Parasitology, Immunology, Microbial ecology and Metagenomics during her academic career. Idara has clinical experience from therapeutic areas like family medicine, emergency medicine and bariatrics.   

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